Ampersand Internship Project

Helping the Internship Process

High Tech High Internship is a program where students intern with different companies out in the community for one month. Students get the chance to work close with professionals and learn skills such as working with coworkers in a professional manner, dealing with deadlines, and how to handle workflow. Students can choose who they intern with, as long as it isn't with an immediate family member. With that in mind, the possibilities are endless.

We do have relationships with agencies we have worked with for a long time, such as the San Diego Zoo and SPAWAR,  that have specific ways in which they want the application process to flow.  Please ask your student to talk with the supervising teacher first before contacting any organzation for internships.  This is very important for HTH to maintain a good relationship with the organizations and also be fair in how students secure internships.  

There are many things that must be done in preperation for and throughout this process. Parents and teachers can help students by answering questions about the workplace, helping them write, act, and dress professional, and ensuring they meet deadlines. Talk to the young interns about their interests to help make sure that they find an internship that is both useful to them and fun.

Internship is one of the most enriching parts of the High Tech High schools. If the student takes it seriously and lands the internship they want, it is an experience like no other. All it takes is the right attitude and internship turns out to be something to be remembered for a long time!